BIM digitization of the new KORUS INTERNATIONAL Headquarters in Milan

Digital Twin of the Project-Construction-Facility Management of the building

The traditional design and construction process of the new Korus International HQ in Milan has been digitized by bimO open innovation with the most innovative technologies of the BIM approach, to implement and innovate the company's integrated design and built management processes.

The goal was to achieve high quality standards of integrated design through the digital control and management of the entire process with particular attention to the control of the economic part of costs, 5D dimension, and construction times, 4D dimension, on site.

The entire process was based on the creation of a Digital Twin of the physical asset, through the creation of three-dimensional BIM information models for the various project and construction phases, which guarantee the management of project management throughout the entire life cycle of the building; Project Information Management and Asset Information management.

The final goal will be to manage the facility of the building by connecting the as-built BIM model to the asset maintenance activities, through monitoring processes carried out by connecting the sensors of the technological systems to the modeled parametric objects, allowing users to take the best decisions to manage the building.
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