bimO open innovation offers digitisation services by applying BIM methodology throughout the entire life cycle of a building, which is digitised by means of a cognitive digital twin to optimise all processes of asset design, construction and facility management.

With a digital twin, an asset can be virtualised by creating a 3-dimensional IT model by means of the international ISO Building Information Modelling (BIM) standard. Integrated into the data-sharing platform that is connected to all operators, it is continuously updated with information content.

The digital twin creates a parallelism between the real and virtual asset ensuring, through the application of IoT sensor technologies, continuous control of its behaviour while allowing prototyping, diagnosis and simulation of asset behaviour and performance.

The digital transition inevitably leads to technological and organisational change, and bimO believes it is essential to support companies not only with the application of new tools, but also, and above all, with training.

We design complete training courses on organisational strategy and BIM-adoption training programmes for companies and organisations.

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